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Past Projects

A Comprehensive Approach

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Imuno-Oncology Summit 2017

Paris, France-July 2017

This landmark project was lead by Laurence Zitvogel and Guido Kroemer.  Two full days of science based discussion regarding ImmunoOncology from the world leaders in their fields.

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Oncoimmunology: A Practical Guide for Cancer Immunotherapy

Published January 2018

A guide to
Oncoimmunology created by almost 50 of the greatest minds in the area.

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Myeloid Malignancies Series


A 45 meeting series focussed on myeloid malignancies and how best to identify and treat patients with one of these complex diseases. (

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Cancer immunotherapy: Opportunities and challenges in
the rapidly evolving clinical landscape

European Journal Of Cancer- August 2017

A broad stroke, scientific publication for professional's entry into Immunotherapy.

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PV Series


A 60 meeting series focussing on the changing landscape of treatment for patients with PV


The Landscape of New Drugs In Lympoma

Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology: December 2016

A dynamic forum with the world experts on the evolving treatment of lymphoma.

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Polycythemia Vera: An Appraisal of the Biology and Management 10 Years After the Discovery of JAK2 V617F

Journal of Clinical Oncology: November 2015

10 years after the discovery of PV, the leading experts came together to share and discuss the dynamics of the disease and the changes in treatment and management of the patients.

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MF Series


A 60 meeting series on the evolving landscape of treatment for MF

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