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Kelly Cochrane

Managing Partner

KC Consulting is the brain child of Kelly Cochrane (KC).  As a three time cancer survivor of an extremely difficult to manage case, she has been on the patient side of cancer, and has witnessed, first hand the plight of the physicians and nurses as they search for solutions and ways to cure this devastating disease.  Because of this experience, Kelly passionately believes that medical education is the answer to a faster diagnosis and treatment plan for patients.  KC Consulting has created a educational platform which strives to narrow the gap in care between large rural areas and urban communities.   Her company focuses on small group meetings, which create a learning environment similar to a round table discussion with one of our esteemed faculty.  This format not only allows for a free flow of information among peers, but also creates a on-going relationship between the community practice team and one of our experts.

Beyond the world of medical education, Kelly has owned her own boutique marketing and event agency since 2001.  She hails from the great state of Minnesota, only to have moved to New Jersey in 2009.  Upon her move, Kelly sold her first company, SilhouteEvents and took a three year medical leave.  Today, she retains a select few of her original clients and continues to focus her company on helping the community on a broader scale.  Each and every project KC Consulting takes on, benefits the community in some way.  In 2010, KC Consulting received the second largest educational grant issued in the United States with a focus on Myelofibrosis, and at this point, the rest is history as this one project has become the platform for expansion into other disease states, further outreach to community physicians and a now international expansion into Europe.

The formulation of this company and the support system of her team, allows her the luxary of coaching her son’s baseball and basketball teams, and to pick him up from school on most days.  Again, this is a luxury, that in 2007 she never thought she would be able to enjoy.


Kelly is ‘one-of-a-kind’ in everything she sets out to do. She is articulate, bright, exceptionally skilled and highly detail-oriented in every aspect of her life, both professionally and personally. She is creative, inventive and insightful and tries constantly to find solutions to complex cross-functional projects. Not only is she a brilliant people-connector and superb event organizer with peerless project- and time-management skills, Kelly adds a personal touch to everything she does for her customers, collaborators, colleagues, associates, family, and friends. I have known Kelly professionally over the last 8 years and have been truly impressed with her knowledge and abilities. From day one, I knew Kelly was a special and unique person in her value system and morale, work ethics, motivation, and customer-centricity, as she has a deeply vested interest in improving the educational experience of biomedical scientists and practicing physicians in Oncology and Hematology. She follows through with her word and goes above and beyond for everyone she knows and connects with. Being such a trustworthy person, I would highly recommend Kelly to do business with and/or for. All of her customers and associates, as well as some of the most respected global key thought leaders and clinical/translational Oncology external experts (who represent the ‘human engine’ that transforms clinical research and care in Oncology across the world) would rate her as #1 in her continuous medical education (CME), advisory meeting organizing, and patient advocacy support endeavors. One would fail their charge if they wouldn’t consider Kelly as a tireless steward and maximizer for their business at any time. She adds a much needed ‘personal touch’ to a complex ecosystem of stakeholders that really strives for (and absolutely demands and expects) exemplary customer service. I recommend her highly and without reservation

Nicholas Sarlis, MD

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