Detail oriented creative events

Event Planning

Each project has a personal touch and a strategic focus which leverages the assets of all associated parties with laser focus on the end goal. KCC specializes in large scale events which provide a benefit to the local community.

Our Event Planning Strategy

One of KCC’s goals in working with the client is to not only provide the absolute best planned, marketed and executed event, but to also make the whole process as easy as possible for all parties involved.  This being said, at KCC we make sure the client only has one point of contact – for everything- gone are the days of needing a logistics company, a social media company, an advertising firm and also a PR firm.  At KCC, all of these aspects are managed, created and executed in-house.  Based on the individual need of each client, KCC is able to identify which facets of the event can be managed by each party for a fiscally responsible, successful end result.

The Key to Success

Public Relations

The best way to promote an event is through a comprehensive public relations campaign.  At KCC, we are skilled public relations professionals with media training as well.

A Multifaceted Approach


Advertising - a cross platform - multifaceted approach to information dissemination.  We strategically blend several different advertising platforms to create a personalized plan for each client.  KCC is proud to offer graphic design in addition to compliment all advertising campaigns.

On the ground


Logistics management is the heart and soul of an event.  Logistics management sets the tone, flow and experience of an event.  KCC is there until the last table is put away.



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